What’s it really like to wear period pants?

What IS it like to wear period pants? Do they smell? Are they gross and soggy?

Do you have to keep changing them? Where do you put the used ones?

If you’ve never worn, or don’t know anyone who has worn period pants, the whole idea is, quote frankly,  just a little bit gross. A bit like when you are a kid and you first find out about sex, and look at your Mum and Dad, and just want to crawl into a hole….

The actual truth, though, is just as sweet. As you grow into the idea, you find out that it is actually a great option!

3 Reasons to say YES to Period Pants!

  1. Quality Period Pants don’t smell, any more than pads or tampons. IMO, actually less. The quality, well-made versions use the latest technically advanced  fabrics that absorb not only fluids but odour also.


  1. Quality Period Pants don’t feel soggy, any more than pads. And they are remarkably absorbent without the bulk of disposable pads. sHEROes Sisterhood Period Pants use natural fibre linings with no bleaches so much less chance of itching and irritations.


  1. Yes, you do have to change them throughout the day depending on your flow and your comfort needs. You put the used pair in a small waterproof bag, just like the wrapper your pad comes in. Only re-usable. If you are wearing jeans or pants, you can wear a re-usable cloth pad with the pants in the morning, then just the pants in the afternoon to avoid having to completely undress. Take them home and throw them in the wash, to use again!

Just like our regular great fit underwear, we are producing an environmentally friendly washable re-usable period pant, due mid August.


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