Tween daughters, Happy Inspiration, and FINALLY, Term 4

Need some Happy Inspiration for your kids these holidays?

We are almost there – the end of 2020. Trouble is, doesn’t seem like the bedlam of this year is likely to finish along with the year-end. The inevitable continuation of COVID and it’s enormous impacts on the mental health and incomes of many of us is an unbearable thought.

Imagine it from our kid’s perspective? School Holiday camps? Cancelled. Many holiday activities cancelled.

Not being able to visit grandparents or family.

Xmas Holidays? Forget it. Not much to look forward to.

It’s like the kids are being punished,  without doing anything wrong.

School friendships? All over the place as other kids also reacting in unexpected ways to this year, throwing turmoil into the playground friendship arena, that young children are not fully equipped to comprehend.

How the hell are our kids supposed to work all this out?

I know they are hugely resilient but this goes beyond regular everyday stresses. Not being able to visit grandparents. not seeing family this Christmas.

How can we help them through this? it’s hard enough dragging my own self through this, let alone dredging up some mental energy to help encourage the kids through.


I made a Happy Inspiration Dice to show our kids how to make themselves feel good without any external validation – teaching them to recognise that what they do, and how they act can have a direct impact on how they feel. This dice is good for teens (and you!) too! 


I hope this dice brings you at least a few minutes of entertainment and with a bit of luck, inspire your kids to learn how to proactively make themselves feel better when they recognise they need a lift.

If you are worried about your child’s mental health

There are a few ways you can help build their self-esteem and mental health.

If you are concerned about your child’s mental health, you can take this 2-minute quiz at Beyond Blue

They will guide you as to the next steps you should take.

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