Teaching girls positive body image starting school

Starting primary school is a very exciting time. Children get to feel very grown-up in their ‘big-kid’ school uniform, try new challenges, and formally start their learning journey. Our kids have to navigate the transition from the freedom of running around with nothing but gumboots on, to having to wear the same outfit every day. It can be a very confronting and confusing time for a young girl. It Is a bigger transition than we think, with lots of unspoken subtleties also being learned.

Unfortunately, for lots of little girls, starting to wear this uniform is also the start of becoming more body-conscious. No parent wants their young girl to feel ashamed or secretive about their body. This is why it is so important to encourage girls to maintain physical activity and wear the clothes that they want to when they want to!

Talking to young girls about their bodies and their self-confidence should not be an awkward topic

It should be something that friends and family use to increase confidence and personal awareness. If the conversation is started young, then these girls will grow up to become strong, supportive daughters and friends who will be able to shine in their own skin and help their friends shine too!

Imagine walking down the street and hearing a young girl say “I feel really confident and comfortable in this outfit”, pretty different to the usual “does this make me look fat?” or “maybe don’t wear that, I can see too much leg”!

As females in society, we have enough issues to worry about without adding uncomfortable clothes and body shaming to the list, so why do we unconsciously instill so much body-negativity into young girls?

Before your daughter’s first day of ‘big school’, the ideal is to show her what it means to be strong and confident. We know how much of an impact an outfit can have on our self-worth, so teaching young girls to feel confident and comfortable in their school uniform from day-one is vital!

Freedom to move – everybody has legs!

If your daughter chooses to wear a dress but still wants to cartwheel around or dangle on a monkey bar, then she should feel comfortable to do so. Her legs are not something to be ashamed of, and the more she is encouraged to embrace her body and its uniqueness; the less she will feel pressured by society and its unfair constructs.

Girls (and everyone!) should feel comfortable wearing clothes that are comfortable, and easy to play in.  What other’s views or opinions are should be irrelevant. When your daughter goes to ‘big school’, after years of “practical” clothes at preschool or daycare, she will very likely want to wear the exciting new ‘big kid’ dress. If that’s what it takes to get her to enjoy the start of school, go for it!

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Let’s teach young girls that being comfortable in their own skin (and clothes) is a super power they all deserve!



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