Starting school in a dress and still having fun!

When kids start school, lots of things change. Suddenly, they must wear the same outfit everyday – and no, unfortunately, that doesn’t include tutus and gumboots. Lots of young kids find their new school uniforms to be a super exciting development, it’s like getting to wear a shiny badge that says, “I’m a big kid now”.

For young girls, this great new school uniform can often have some drawbacks – yes, you guessed it, now that they are big kids, these girls aren’t allowed to feel comfortable doing handstands and cartwheels in their new dresses. Many of these girls will now feel embarrassed to show their upper legs and become super self-conscious. But… should they? Of course not! This mentality will reduce their confidence and restrict their ability to feel comfortable participating in physical activity.

We all deserve the freedom to move – everybody has legs!

We know the long term benefits of keeping young girls healthy, confident and happy.  sHEROes super comfy, full coverage undies can help.

What are sHEROes?

School colour, full coverage undies that stay in place while cartwheeling or sitting cross legged wearing a school dress.

Made by a swimwear designer with a 20-year career,  sHEROes are  super hero coverage, girl-power pants, or contemporary scungies, that enable girls to be free of limitations, more confident, and more physically active, even if they are wearing a dress.

The undies are designed to be breathable – made using the latest technology, sustainable bamboo fibre and an engineered fit specification – and worn under school dresses, as well as skirts and culottes.

Many girls end up wearing underwear and bike-pants under their school clothes, making for an unnecessarily hot, sweaty, uncomfortable experience.

SHEROes undies are designed to be an all-in-one underpant, allowing girls to be covered, comfortable and confident whilst keeping active and playing with their friends.

Help your daughter to start school with confidence and comfort, sHEROes underwear will keep her covered, comfy and confident!




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