Starting or changing school next year? Worried about her transitioning to a school dress? What should she wear under her school uniform to stay covered?

Children find their new school uniforms to be a super exciting development. Wearing a school dress rather than shorts and t-shirt like they have been at daycare, is like getting to wear a shiny badge that says, “I’m a big kid now”.
For young girls, this great new school uniform can often have some drawbacks – yes, you guessed it, now that they are big kids, some people indicate girls aren’t allowed to feel comfortable doing handstands and cartwheels in their new dresses.
Many young girls feel embarrassed to show their upper legs and become super self-conscious. But… should they? Of course not! This negative body-image and low confidence mentality will restrict their ability to feel comfortable participating in physical activity.
When my daughters started school, I looked for school colour, full-coverage underwear for my daughters to wear under their school dress. I couldn’t find anything! All I could find were undies covered in princesses or bright patterns and not great fit – slipping and loose. Not something you want to hang on the monkey bars in.
Many girls end up wearing underwear and bike-pants under their school clothes, making for an unnecessarily hot, sweaty, uncomfortable experience.
I have to wonder – what are we teaching our daughters if they feel they have to cover their legs in a safe primary school environment?
We all deserve the freedom to move – everybody has legs!
What are sHEROes?
There are no other pants like sHEROes. Full coverage girls underwear that stay in place when you are cartwheeling or sitting on the floor cross-legged. The fabric is made from supersoft, bamboo fabric. They feel lovely, breath well and last for ages.
Made by a swimwear designer with a 20-year career, sHEROes are superhero full-coverage, girl-power pants, or contemporary scungies, that enable girls to be free of limitations, more confident, and more physically active, even if they are wearing a dress.
Why are sHEROes necessary?
When girls are young, they’re not afraid to cartwheel or hang upside down on the monkey bars. They’re not shy about their bodies or worried about looking silly. They own their bodies and are proud of what they can do, how fast they can run and high they can climb. We really need to encourage them to keep believing and acting in this way, and not allow nasty body image issues to infiltrate and damage their self-esteem. Our girls need to stay confident and free of limitations, to reach their full potential.
sHEROes can help!

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