So they started school – Now What?
So what do you do now they are at school? Aside from worry incessantly about them and how they are coping?
Are they making new friends? Did she drop her lunch in the dirt? (mine came home yesterday STARVING because of this exact thing- GUILT TRIP ?)
Are they coping with sitting still and concentrating?
Did you buy the right lunchbox/pencil case/school bag/sports shoes?
Are other kids being mean to yours?
And then you are excited to pick them up from school and they are SHATTERED. “How was your day?” you ask, and get grunts or tears in reply.
The truth of it is your child is SO EXHAUSTED they can barely speak. They have been working so hard all day to behave/learn/absorb/work out what on earth they are meant to do next/fit in, and now they. are home with you in their safety zone, where they can let it all out (or be a zombie)
It’s really hard to try not to pressure them for answers. You’re worried. You need confirmation that they are OK. SO what is the best way to deal with this?
When you pick them up, instead of asking them about school and their day, try really hard not to ask questions – they need some decompression time. You could make some chatter about something fun and interesting – almost like an ice breaker. A complete change of topic is great, or even music in the car – the important thing is to let them chill. NO more answers to work out ?
Afternoon tea in the car or on the way home is a terrific distraction – they will be hungry anyway. Someone I know gives her kids dinner at 4, and afternoon tea at dinner time – Fantastic idea!
Try not to schedule too much for after school – or if you can make a point of rest in between, particularly for primary kids.
So what do you do now they are at school? Aside from worry incessantly about them and how they are coping? In terms of tiredness, meltdowns and poor behavior, but the truth is they have most likely been angels at school all day and learning perfectly well. You know your child best – if you do have concerns that are not just over-active Mum Guilt, don’t be afraid to talk with or email the teacher for your peace of mind.
Here’s to some happier pickups xx

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