There’s no other pants like sHEROes. Full coverage briefs that stay in place when you are cartwheeling or sitting on the floor cross legged in your school dress. The fabric is made from sustainable bamboo fibre using a closed loop system, which respects our planets water supply. They feel lovely, breath well and last for ages.

Why are sHEROes necessary?

When girls are young, they’re not afraid to cartwheel, or hang upside down on the monkey bars. They’re not shy about their bodies, or worried about looking silly. They own their bodies and are proud of what they can do, how fast they can run and high they can climb. We really need  to encourage them to keep believing and acting in this way, and not allow nasty body image issues to infiltrate and damage their self esteem. Our girls need to stay confident and free,  to  reach their full potential.

 sHEROes can help! They are also EXCELLENT for holding your stockings up during winter!

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