Settling School Nerves

The fears and anxieties surrounding school can be overwhelming, for both you and your child. School can be an overwhelming place for your little one when big emotions take over. Try out these steps in your daily routine to help calm your child’s nerves.

Take a breath! Mindfulness can make you and your little one feel in control and helps settle their nerves. Simple breathing techniques, such as the square or box technique can help your little one become more in control of their big emotions, giving them strength to conquer their day.


You Go Girl!

Positive affirmations can be magic for transforming bad energy. Affirmations such as you are loved, you are strong and you are brave can help encourage positive vibrations to flow for the rest of the day.  


Reminding your little ones they have control of their emotions can help them manage them. Encouraging your little one to make small daily choices can make them feel in control and ready to take on the day, such as letting them choose what hairstyle and accessory they wear or what breakfast they eat can all add to feelings of accomplishment encouraging a more calmed and in control state.

Comfort! Comfort is key to making school feel as comfortable as possible, sticking to routines can help to create a calm and safe environment. When you approach your little one’s daily routine, start with familiarity getting dressed, putting on your sHEROEs, and brushing teeth can all add to the state of calmness.

With every minor achievement you make,  congratulate yourself! Parenting is tough! None of us are experts. You’re doing great Mama 😍

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