sHEROes are a great solution for schools who choose the dress


The way the school uniform is worn has a strong influence on how we feel about ourselves and how we are seen by others. The school uniform gives our children a sense of pride,  identity, and belonging.

Whether right or wrong, all schools are judged by members of the wider community by the general standard of each student’s dress and appearance. We need to make it easy for students to understand, accept and appreciate the dress regulations of their school, whatever that may be.

When our daughters dress for school, what they are wearing should be no barrier to being physically active during any opportunity that arises during the day. Where a dress is required, it is imperative that girls do not feel limited or restricted.

sHEROes super-hero underwear is perfect for those who wear a dress. Full coverage underwear with a great fit (read “wedgie proof”) sHEROes give girls the freedom to run, play, slide, and swing, feeling covered, comfortable, and confident.

sHEROes, the contemporary scungie, is a full coverage barrier to self-consciousness and the fear of being exposed. sHEROes offer more coverage than a swimsuit and are carefully engineered to stay in place even when you cartwheel.

Wearing sHEROes encourages girls to gain the benefits of regular exercise, which in turn address the stress and self-esteem issues our teenage daughters are facing in this modern era. A healthy attitude towards their own bodies will encourage girls to reap the benefits not only physically and mentally, but also academically, success in the classroom leading to a successful career, more women who believe in themselves and increasing their chances to engage in leadership.


sHEROes at your school:

There are a couple of options to get your school involved with sHEROes:

  • Cost Free Fundraising
  • Wholesale Purchasing through your school uniform shop


Cost Free Fundraising

A new and super easy alternative to stocking underwear in your uniform shop is to register your school with sHEROes. Your school will get its own page on our website, and a unique code that must be entered at checkout. There is no charge for registration, no minimum orders, no stock refills, and NO RISK!

Your school will earn 20% from purchases off every item in our store when your patrons use the unique code at check-out.

Programs with free delivery date ranges can be arranged with schools that are happy to promote the program and accept delivery to the school and distribute pre-packed orders to families, saving $$ for families. Check the notifications on this page to see if there are any free delivery windows now or soon.

Payouts to schools are calculated and paid at the end of each term.



Wholesale School Starter Pack

We have made introducing underwear into your school so easy with our starter pack. We will deliver a starter pack to your uniform shop with 10 pieces of sHEROes in each size 4,5,6,8,10, and 5 pairs in size 12 & 14 – 60 pairs total. This can be tailored to suit your school if the regular starter pack size range is not appropriate to your particular school.

It’s a great way for you to try our underwear in your uniform shop risk-free, with our  Sale or Return Policy. We’ve picked all of our best-selling products & have found schools that have started this way have quickly sold out and are now restocking their school shop!

The starter pack will be delivered free of charge on a 30-day account. You will also receive a free display ring, and a promotional A3 poster to help promote the underwear.

If, at the end of 30 days, you have any unsold sHERO briefs, you can choose to return any remaining stock (free of charge) and pay for what you have sold, or size exchange for more popular sizes.

FREE Merchandising Stands

We know how important it is to see well-displayed products, yet understand your space limitations. Our complimentary merchandising ring will help boost visibility, without causing embarrassment,  and best of all increases the likelihood of add-on sales.



Re-orders are super easy – just email through your requirements. The minimum order is 30 pieces. A price list can be sent through to you on request click here. 

The retail price is $9.90 per pair.


Sustainable and Certified – made respectfully

Our business is Australian-owned and manufactured in China from the best quality, sustainable materials in a BSCI certified factory. Our garments are quality tested to ensure they do what we say they will. This is why we can confidently offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our pants.

The fit and fabric of the underwear have been intentionally designed and engineered by our sHEROes designer, who has over 20 years of experience and has been responsible for designing over 1 million sold garments. Our designer has worked for some very prestigious Australian and International Swimwear labels during her career.

If you would like to order school-branded merchandise we can arrange this for you.

For more information on bamboo viscose manufacture click here


Sale or Return policy

Our Sale or Return Policy enables you to order from us risk-free. If a particular size doesn’t sell well at your school we will swap it over to another of our best-selling items, no questions asked!


On-Time Deliveries

We promise to provide you with on-time deliveries every time! Generally, orders will take 1 week or less from the date we receive your order to arrive. When you place your order you will receive an emailed order confirmation from us, noting the dispatch date from our warehouse. If you are urgent for anything you can always let us know and we’ll do our best to get your order to you as quickly as possible. If we foresee any delays in getting products to you we will always contact you or send the majority of your order out with the unavailable item sent to you as a backorder, freight free. All orders over $500 +GST are sent freight-free.

Uniform Guidelines in NSW – Implementation 16/8/18 – are you compliant?

Of particular note is section 1.9: A school uniform should include items that are affordable, comfortable, made from easy-care fabrics, appropriate for activity and suitable for all body shapes.

sHEROes can conveniently and affordably ensure that anyone who chooses to wear a school dress will be ready for physical activity at any time.

Let’s keep our girls covered, comfortable and confident!

Email rel@sheroes.com.au to arrange a sample pack and time to discuss suitable options for your school

TestimonialsHere's what other Mums and daughters have to say about sHEROes - the most comfortable Girls Underwear:

Averil, Mum of Year 4 Daughter
My daughter quite simply refuses to wear any other underwear!
Sky, Mum of Year 2 & 5 Daughters
sHEROes are amazing, so much better than the old scungies - comfy, soft and great coverage.
Marie, Mum of Kindy Daughter
My daughter has these for school and she loves wearing her sHEROes so much she even prefers to wear them on the weekend as they are more comfortable than her BONDS ones.
Felicity, Mum of Year 2 & 5 Daughters
Excellent quality, and daughters say they are so comfortable, they last really well with washing and the girls love wearing them!
Tanya, Mum of Year 6 Daughter
sHEROes is a must for any girl at school, particularly primary school. The quality and design is perfect - comfort + breathable fabric + coverage. But mostly they are great for girls because sHEROes gives them the confidence they need - they can concentrate on having fun instead of being self-confident when turning upside down!
Kate, Gorgeous 11 year old girl
This is from Kate in her own words: When I play netball in my short dress I feel comfortable knowing that the undies blend in and they don't ride up. Also the material is soft and not itchy at all!

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