School lunches 
Love them or hate them, we make them!
School lunches can be dreaded, but with these recipes you just might get some assistance from your little one! 
Lunch can be a hacked up combination of nutrition, leftovers and lollies. Or use these simple tips to ROCK school lunches 🤩!

Have fun when creating lunches 🥳

A simple vegemite sandwich can be made into a masterpiece with a cookie cutter, think a heart or circle-shaped surprise for your little one. Pinwheel sandwiches can add a twirl of excitement to a basic jam sandwich ❃

The preparation of fruits and vegetables can make an easy-to-grab snack for your child. Cutting up small pieces of fruit and vegetables to serve with dips make plant foods more appetizing.

Try sweet and sour watermelon to replace the sweet hit from lollies. Slice watermelon into cubes and add passion fruit seeds along with the juice of half a lemon to make a sweet and sour experience 😳

Encourage choice, by letting your child choose elements of the school lunch. It can make them appreciate and enjoy their lunch.

Choices as simple as grapes or apples, giving autonomy over to them and not complicating your life.

Best of luck with the school lunch rush 😍

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