Looking for Lockdown School Holiday activity ideas?

Stuck at home AGAIN during lockdown school holidays?

It’s getting pretty boring for the kids (not to mention crazy-making for the parents)

In an attempt to help with sanity for all, here is a list of not-too-daggy activities to suggest to those tweens and teens to encourage unplugging from devices 🤩

  • Learn how to make things from polymer clay – jewellery/lanyards/keyrings
  • Make pizza from scratch, and clean up afterwards
  • Mindfulness colouring or activity book
  • Start a book club with some friends
  • Learn how to make candles, or soap
  • Download an audiobook and go for a walk, listen as you get your step count up
  • Try Yoga or Pilates
  • Try doing a meditation outside in the sunshine‪
colouring in pages
  • Learn some new recipes and clean up afterwards
  • Make a pretty card and write a nice message and send to a friend or relative
  • Try upcycling a piece of furniture
  • Do a crossword or sudoku puzzle
  • Learn a dance routine to your favourite song
  • Home manicure and paint nails
  • Make a surprise care package for someone
handwritten card
painted furniture
  • Try a mountain bike track rather than regular bike paths
  • Learn how to do maintenance on a bike or something else you use all the time
  • Learn and practice calligraphy
  • Practice some new hairstyles
  • Make some Christmas decorations or presents ahead of time
  • Learn Macrame – start out with a key ring and work towards a wall hanging or plant hanger
  • Learn to sew. Try a scrunchie or shopping bag? Fabric available at Loom Fabrics
  • Creative photography portraits or still life – there are some great apps to help with this
  • A 1000 piece puzzle
school hair-styles

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? We’ll get through this 🤪

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