sHEROes - girl power underpants for those who choose to wear a school dress

sHEROes have a variety of options to assist with your school fund raising, ranging from afflilate programs,  incentives for your school uniform shop, and prize packs of girls school underpants offered for raffles, school fetes and similar occasions.

Cost Free Fundraising

A new and super easy alternative to stocking underwear in your uniform shop is to register your school with sHEROes. You school will get its own page on our website, and a unique code that must be entered at checkout. There is no charge for registration, no minimum orders, no stock refills and NO RISK! 

Your school will earn 20% from purchases off every item in our store when your patrons use the unique code at check-out.

Programs with free delivery date ranges can be arranged with schools who are happy to promote the program and accept delivery to the school and distribute pre-packed orders to families, saving $$ for families. Check the notifications on this page to see if there are any free delivery windows now or soon. 

Payouts to schools are calculated and paid at the end of each term.

Contact to see how we can be of assistance.