PRE ORDER sHEROes – Sisterhood Positive Period Pant- PINK SPOT


sHEROes Sisterhood Period Pants keep your daughter comfortable and confident. She doesn’t have to worry about missing out because she has her period.

  • Reliable Protection – great absorbency and leak proof barrier
  • Great fit – no crawling up your but or bunching in the crotch
  • Super soft, non irritating fabric
  • Re-usable – reduce landfill and carbon footprint
  • Comes with a waterproof envelope (that fits in your pocket) to store replacement and used underwear
  • No noisy wrappers

While we are totally #PeriodPositive at sHEROes, we understand our daughters can be anxious and nervous about getting their first few periods, our technology aids our daughters by removing the tell tale noisy wrappers that disposable products have. Also there is no need to wait for the cubicle with the sanitary bin, as you simply change your underwear and store the used underwear in the waterproof envelope and pop it in your pocket. 

We are working towards delivery in time for the new year. It is possible we might have a small amount of stock before Christmas.

I would love any interest in the product to be registered with pre-orders so I can gauge sizing and colour interest.




sHEROes Sisterhood POsitive Period Pants How do they work


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