Girls Undies Surprise Colour Bundle 3 Pack


sHEROes: Girls  School,  Sport AND WEEKEND Underpants

sHEROes keep your daughter covered, comfortable and confident EVERYDAY in our Mystery Colour Bundle:

  • for weekends too!
  • same great fit in surprise colours!
  • Try them out for starting school next year

“Wear them on the weekend too” Photo Credit Alison Rasheed


*Top up her regular school underwear too – 10% off for Black Friday until Nov 30th* 


sHEROes Girls Underwear- wear them on the weekend too!

The best girls underpants in Australia! 

Wedgie proof, super hero size underwear that stays in place when you are cartwheeling and sitting on the floor cross legged! sHEROes girls school undies keep your daughter covered, comfortable and confident even when she is wearing a dress. 

Over the years, the design and fit of underwear has thankfully improved exponentially! Gone are the sweaty, synthetic scratchy fabric netball knicker style pants, and in with lycra, and durable, natural, breathable fibres. New elastics are softer and also the threads used are soft and not itchy.  Our pants are made in certified factories and as low carbon footprint as possible. The fit of sHEROes has been perfected by a designer with 20 years experience in fitting swimwear, underwear and active wear, so you can be assured your daughter will be covered and comfy!

EvolutionV4-of-sHEROes-Girls-School-Underpants-Maroon scungies

For us at sHEROes, the boy short option is not ideal. The centre seam is uncomfortable and girls tend to wear additional layers of underwear to compensate for this. The cheaper price point delivers poor quality fabric with a short life, leading to false savings. Our wear tests have indicated that one pair of sHEROes will outlast at least two pairs of discount store shorty underwear, which often get holes in the fabric and along the seam lines. The fabric of the shorty underwear is lighter weight, and has less lycra content.  Our sHEROes are made from a 240 gram bamboo viscose. Bamboo fibres use dramatically less water to grow than cotton, and the fibres are longer and smoother than cotton. This is why bamboo garments feel so soft and last longer than their cotton equivalents. Bamboo is great for those with  skin sensitivities also, it is a very low irritant fabric.

If your daughter chooses to wear a dress but still wants to cartwheel around or dangle on a monkey bar, then she should feel comfortable to do so. Her legs are not something to be ashamed of, and the more she is encouraged to embrace her body and its uniqueness; the less she will feel pressured by society and its unfair constructs.

Here at sHEROes we are all about embracing our bodies and believe that our daughters should not be frightened of showing their legs, or any part of their body.

After all, it’s not what’s on the outside that matters.
It’s how she feels on the inside.
And if a dress makes her feel grown up and invincible, then we say GO FOR IT!

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