Hi, my name’s Rel Vild, and I’m the founder of sHEROes. sHEROes started with scungies, for our daughters,  and are now growing and developing an

environmentally friendly, washable, re-usable positive period pant

with built in absorption that soaks up liquids and odours.

The sHEROes Sisterhood Positive Period pants are  due to be released in November,  but I would love you to register your interest here so I can notify you when they are ready, and email through occasional  Positive Period facts while we wait for the release.

Why are sHEROes Positive Period Pants necessary?

Australian and international studies have linked girls’ experience of her first period raises  her  risk of depression, is likely to decrease her self esteem, and  contributes to a poor body image. Here at sHEROes and at a few other businesses, we are working towards removing this issue.

Our sHEROes Sisterhood Positive Period pant looks and pretty much feels  just like regular underwear.

Made from mostly natural fibre, reusable, super soft and comfortable, we are aiming for no awkward feeling when she has her period.   A super absorbent black lining holds equivalent to 2 tampons,  has odour reducing capabilities and has a waterproof coating to prevent leaks. Our period pants come with a discreet, pocket sized, re-usable waterproof envelope for carrying spares and used pairs.

We are also working on a Positive Period pant that looks just like our regular school underwear, no obvious signs that you have your period and the best thing is no noisy wrapper!

There is some great work being done collectively  to reducing the stigma and shame of periods, I hope the Positive Period pants helps smooth the transition for our daughters.

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