Big School – keep your daughter covered, active, and confident!

Coverage, Comfort, and Confidence For “Big School” Girls


When girls dress for school, what they are wearing should be no barrier to being physically active during any opportunity that arises during the day. sHEROes provide more coverage than a swimsuit and are carefully engineered to stay in place no matter what you get up to when you are in the playground or classroom.

sHEROes girls school underwear are a unique design, providing full coverage, super hero-sized underpants that stay in place when girls are cartwheeling or sitting on the floor cross-legged.

They are available in plain school colours to complement the school uniform and are the contemporary version of a scungie, but don’t need anything to be worn underneath.  Using the latest technology, sustainable bamboo fibre and an engineered fit specification by a designer with over 20 years’ experience, sHEROes have:
  • superior fit 
  • super soft  fabric
  • school colours
  • a new empowering name, sHEROes instead of scungies

sHEROes are the solution for girls who choose the dress – full coverage briefs to wear under their school dress or skirt.


A wonderful product and amazing customer service. Thank you, my little girl loves her super hero undies!
“I have washed and put the sHEROes through the clothes dryer at least once a week for 8 months and they still look like new. No pilling, no fading, they look and fit just like their first wear. Great quality and value for money”
They don’t go up your bum! Sooo comfy!

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