BEST UNDIES EVER!Keep her covered, comfortable and confident 😊😊
BEST UNDIES EVER!Keep her covered, comfortable and confident 😊😊

Girl Power Pants for those who choose a dress

Schools we work with:

Girls comfiest school underwear -
Great wedgie proof, full coverage fit!
FINALLY, Great fitting underwear that matches her school dress!
sHEROes girls school underwear are the best school underwear for girls, providing full coverage, super hero-sized underpants that stay in place when girls are cartwheeling or sitting on the floor cross legged, keeping your daughter covered, comfy and confident at all times.
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TestimonialsHere's what other Mums and daughters have to say about sHEROes - the most comfortable Girls Underwear:

Marie, Mum of Kindy Daughter
My daughter has these for school and she loves wearing her sHEROes so much she even prefers to wear them on the weekend as they are more comfortable than her BONDS ones.
Tanya, Mum of Year 6 Daughter
sHEROes is a must for any girl at school, particularly primary school. The quality and design is perfect - comfort + breathable fabric + coverage. But mostly they are great for girls because sHEROes gives them the confidence they need - they can concentrate on having fun instead of being self-confident when turning upside down!
Kate, Gorgeous 11 year old girl
This is from Kate in her own words: When I play netball in my short dress I feel comfortable knowing that the undies blend in and they don't ride up. Also the material is soft and not itchy at all!

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