9 Testimonials that will convince you that sHEROes girls school undies are better than boyshorts

Katrina, Mum to 6 and 11 year old daughters:

My girls love them, nice and soft, don’t ride up!

Julie, Mum to 9 year old daughter:

Ordering was super easy and arrived really quick. My daughter loves her sHEROes won’t take them off so soft & comfortable.
Will be buying more. We are going to need these in all colours, will you make pink? My daughter has declared she will not wear regular undies ever again as sHEROes are so comfortable!

Elizabeth, Mum to 7 and 9 year old daughters:

The SHEROes arrived!!! They look great, I especially love the wide side on them. Well done!

From the girls: the elastic doesn’t dig into you like normal undies.

Jennifer, Mum to 8 year old daughter:

A wonderful product and amazing customer service. Thank you, my little girl loves her super hero undies!

Camille, 8 years:

I LOVE my sHEROes, so soft and silky, really comfortable. I want to wear these undies every day, not just to school.

Kylie, Mum to 7 year old daughter:

I love how sHEROes really complement the school uniform, my daughter says they’re sooo comfortable, and they are easy care. sHEROes have solved the dilemma of wearing a dress.

Susan, Mum to 5 year old daughter starting school 2018:

I just love how confident sHEROes make my daughter feel!

Heidi, Mum to 8 and 13 year old daughters, one starting high school 2018:

Great Product !! and fantastic customer service.
My girls love their sHEROes, I will definately order more for the start of school term

Cecilia, 7 years:

My Cartwheels have gotten heaps better since my Mum gave me these sHEROes!! I’m not worried about anyone seeing my undies, they match my school dress colours.