Starting “Big School” for the first time is a big event for you and your daughter.

Here are some suggestions to help the process be a fun one

1: Get your school uniform early, and let her wear it!

If your daughter wears a dress to school, consider sHEROes – Girl Power Pants for those who choose to wear a dress! Sustainable breathable full coverage brief in school colours. Give your daughter confidence and freedom to cartwheel, climb, and conquer any physical challenge without the fear of “showing her undies”


2: Order labels for EVERYTHING!

Even the school dress you think she won’t take off, she sometimes will get changed at school! – I like (or a trusty permanent pen) (sHEROes Girl Power Pants have a space in the back waist to label your daughters name)

3: Getting enough sleep

Your child needs a good night’s sleep for their brain to be ready to learn (about 10 to 12 hours).

4: Healthy eating

Healthy lunches and snacks help with concentration and learning. Also simple opening and closing for little fingers will make her feel capable. Let her practice using her lunch box, or checkout what the canteen has on offer and how that might arrive for her. A couple of muesli bars in her school bag for emergency are a good idea in case her lunch drops in the dirt.

5: Regular Playgrounds and Movement

Part of the brain is used which can help kids concentrate – triple benefit! Endorphin’s, calms excess energy AND helps her concentrate!

6: Getting dressed independently

It is an awesome confidence booster for your daughter to be able to dress and undress herself whilst at school, particularly jumpers and shoelaces – imagine the swelling of pride she will have if she can tie her own shoelaces, even if only on sports day.

7: Going to the bathroom

To ensure your daughter is confident using the bathroom at school make sure she knows the drill –  remembers to wipe, flush and wash her hands every time

8: Learning to make friends and pretend play

Imaginative play such as Mums and Dads are a big part of school. Role play stimulates your daughters imagination and enhances her social development, and encourages friendship through cooperation, listening and turn taking

9: Reading Practice

Show your daughter how to open the book, point to the title of the story, the letters, words and pictures so she feels at ease and knows what to expect in the classroom

10: Classroom crafts: 

Make sure your daughter has lots of chances to play with the things she will be using in school, like scissors, pencils and paint. This way your daughter will feel sure and capable using them at school.

Best Wishes to you and your daughter on the transition to big school


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