“Muuum, I’m bored”


Holey Moley I would love to be able to say I was bored. Imagine (remember ?) the freedom of endless summer days, nothing scheduled in, no time restraints? These days both Mum and Dad are likely working, maybe  at home and supervising at the same time, so the kids can kind of lose themselves into whatever activity they want to, yet still “I’m bored” raises every now and then. 


Hot off the press and much needed at our home already – kids have had a few days of zombie pyjama rest days, I am working and trying to concentrate without distractions every 15 minutes. I put together this  list of boredom busters with low price tags, and low supervision requirements, for easy at-home entertainment.




    • Create an obstacle course


    • Go for a run – see if you can improve your time during the holidays?


    • Make a movie


    • Read a book


    • Ride a bike


    • Create a scavenger hunt


    • Dance to music – invent your own routine


    • Lego


    • Practice handstands and cartwheels, or your favourite sport


    • Set up a cafe at home and serve a meal


    • Write a story/letter/journal entry


    • Do some gardening


    • Play cards or board games


    • Photo a day challenge


    • Cook muffins or something else tasty


    • Create music – Ipad Garage Band is great for this


    • Unscrew unused (and UNPLUGGED) appliances and see what they are made from


    • Do something thoughtful and kind for someone


    That should keep them occupied for a while !



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