41 Awesome School Holiday Boredom Busters

“Muuum, I’m bored”


Holey Moley I would love to be able to say I was bored. Imagine (remember ?) the freedom of endless summer days, nothing scheduled in, no time restraints? These days both Mum and Dad are likely working, likely at home and supervising at the same time, so the kids can kind of lose themselves into whatever activity they want to, and STILL “I’m bored” raises more than you would like. 

 Updated and much needed at our home already – kids have had a few days of zombie pajama rest days, some beach time, now I am back to work and trying to concentrate without distractions every 15 minutes.

I’ve revised this list of Boredom Busters with low price tags, and low supervision requirements, for easy at-home entertainment. Easy, reasonably mess-free activities that your kids can do on their own or with company.

Keep them occupied, unleash their creative genius, get their bodies moving, with 41 activities for outside/inside or either. No matter the weather, there is something for all ages and all interests!

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